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7321BDH Parker Solenoid Valve

Deskripsi: 7321BDH Parker Solenoid Valve

7321BDH Parker Solenoid Valve

Connection : 1″ Threaded
Press max : 20 Bar/NC

Parker 7321B/7322B 2/2 pilot operated valves is the best solution anywhere a perfect control media such water, steam, and light oils is required.

7321B/7322B Series are diaphragm pilot operated valves and require a minimum differential pressure to operate.

Water is the basic element for human life, and water control makes possible a wide varety of human activities such as irrigation and food production, breeding, water dispensing, energy production, car and tools washing; water is the basic element in many applications like fire-fighting, domotic, plumbing. Basing on solenoid technology, among the features this product provides a high flow rate, a fast reaction time and a superior reliability in a robust and modern design.

Manual override is available to open and close the valve without electrical supply, as well as speed control option against water hammer effect.
Our 7321B/7322B Water Valves range is usable with the most of our FCDE coil ranges, including ATEX, low power and IP67 electrical parts.

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