Elster BK-G4

Elster BK-G4

Deskripsi: Elster BK-G4

Elster BK-G4 Diaphragma Gas Meter dari Elster Instromet sudah umum di pakai pada sebagian besar hunian dan komersil.

Qmax : 6 m3/jam
Qmin : 0,04 m3/jam
Koneksi : 3/4″ NPT

BK-G4 is a compact residential diaphragm gas meter which has been designed to meet the highest demand with regard to accuracy of measurement and safety. It incorporates both innovative features and Elster Kromschroder’s gas measurement knowhow of many decades.

The meter is supplied as a top-intop-out, two pipe version. The housing can be made of steel (folded model) or aluminum (screwconnection model).

In the measuring unit, the diaphragms are moving stress free without mechanical stops. This ensures both low bearing loads and a quite operation. The dimensionally stable synthetic diaphragm has the proven stadiumshaped form.

High-grade materials and components as well as the patented slide control (K-system) ensures a high quality standard. The K-system synchronizes the operation of the slides with the current flow through the measuring chamber thus achieving minimum flow channels and an extremely high accuracy of measurement.

Due to the small slides, BK-G4 is not susceptible to contamination. The measuring unit is adjusted by a patented needle and scale system. Although the design is very robust, the meters are still measuring instrument and as such should be handled with care.


Media :Natural gas, town gas, propane, butane, air, inert gas

Industries : Gas distribution

Tasks : Measurement of gas volume





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