Knife Gate Valve PN16

Knife Gate Valve PN16

Deskripsi: Knife Gate Valve PN16

Knife Gate Valve QB Series Unidirectional seal

Model: QBZ73X

Working Pressure:
DN50-DN100 16bar
DN125-DN200 14bar
DN250-DN300 12Bar
DN350-DN400 10bar
DN450-DN550 8bar
DN600-DN650 5bar
DN700-DN750 4bar
DN800-DN900 3bar
DN1000-DN1400 2bar

Design Standard: MSS SP-81

Flange Standard: DIN PN10,PN16,150LB ,JIS 10K

Face to Face: MSS SP-81

Testing Standard: API-598

Transmission: manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, sprocket, electrohydraulic, gear

Main material: WCB.CF3M.CF8M.CF8

Wedge material: SS316L,SS304

Sealing material: NBR,EPDM,FKM,Metal

Packing: Aramid fiber,high-water-based rubber packing graphite wheel

Applicable medium:
for pulp, cement slurry, gold ore powder,coal slurry, pulp, chemical treatment of sewage, sedimentation tanks, asphalt,acid and other liquids and other media.

# Unidirectional sealing
# 1PC Body design
# Full port design
# Mixed with a variety of materials packing

Product Description:
QB Series Knife gate valve is with replaceable rubber seal knife gate structure, its sealing principle is mainly by closely connection between gate and rubber seals. Its main characters is that the rubber sealing ringis set in seat’groove and is locked by metal seat, which will prevent rubber seal off when opening and closing the valve. If the seal is broken, you can remove the metal sear and replace the rubber seal, which will greatly improve valve’ working efficiency. This valve is a cost-effective, high-performance products. The series of knife gate valve can be equipped with pneumatic actuators, in order to meet the requirements of different industrial and mining use.


Option :
1. Pre Order : 1 – 2 Minggu
2. Pre Order : 14 – 16 Minggu

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